Networks Peering at


NCL-IX is at the Centre of the UK's New Data Meridian.

NCL-IX Member List

NCL-IX Launches at the End of 2020. The following networks will be available at oir shortly after our launch.

Member ASN IPv4 IPv6
AS112 Project 112 2001:7f8:34::6
Aspire Technology Solutions 51043 2001:7f8:34::13
NCL-IX Route Server #1 60710 2001:7f8:34::8
NCL-IX Route Server #2 60710 2001:7f8:34::9
Stellium Networks 206324 2001:7f8:34::10
IX Reach 43531 2001:7f8:34::12
Zayo 6461 2001:7f8:34::11
NCL-IX Route Collector 212265 2001:7f8:34::254