A New Internet Exchange Point


NCL-IX is at the Centre of the UK's New Data Meridian.

The Team Behind NCL-IX

Our goal is to build and operate a world-class, secure and stable peering platform that conforms to, and implements, the best current practices from across the IXP industry. We are doing this from day one so that NCL-IX is ready to peer your traffic whenever you decide to connect.

NCL-IX has been created and is operated by the team behind Stellium Datacenters. They are led by an experienced management team who between them have more than 100 years’ experience of leadership in the IT, telecoms and related fields.

Paul Mellon, Stellium's Operations Director, has overall responsibility and oversight for Stellium's involvement in NCL-IX. Paul can be contacted via: paul.mellon@ncl-ix.uk.

NCL-IX have built the peering platform with IXP Manager, the most trusted IXP platform worldwide and in use at 150 IXPs worldwide. Technology and operations advice is provided by an experienced team of IXP experts who are well known in the international connectivity community.

To promote NCL-IX and build a community in the north east of England, we get marketing and PR support from Total Datacentre Solutions (social media), Aspectus (PR) and SHA (content design).